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CYA Faith Small Group

Group Divisions

The CYA faith small groups are divided into three categories: Couples Group (for married couples), 成枝 Group (working adults aged 40 and above), and 青枝 (working young adults aged 25-40). If you are interested in joining any of these groups, you can reach out to the respective group members for further information and follow-up.

Christian Life Wheel

The CYA faith small groups primarily follow the framework of the "Christian Life Wheel" as a guide for group activities. With Jesus Christ at the center, the groups focus on Scripture, prayer, nurturing, group sharing, and evangelization. This holistic approach aims to facilitate the members' overall growth and development in their faith journey.


Past Activities



The faith community plays an indispensable role in the spiritual lives of the faithful. Many young working adults, after entering the workforce, find themselves busy with work and may have a more relaxed approach to their spiritual life. Some may even become lax in attending Sunday Mass, which unfortunately leads to the loss of many young working adults from the Church. CYA is fervently committed to promoting the development of faith small groups for young adults. We aim to create an environment where young people can share and journey together in their faith, collectively growing in spirituality and faith.

Activity review

CYA Working Youth Faith Community Gathering (10/2022)

During the first gathering of 2022-2023, several new members joined CYA Working Youth Faith Community. They were active participants in previous CYA evangelization gatherings and were eager to have their own faith small group. They expressed their willingness to actively participate in the group's gatherings in the coming year.

Flower Arrangement Workshop (5/2022)

As Mother's Day was approaching in mid-May, one of the CYA Working Youth Faith Community members suggested organizing a flower arrangement workshop as a way to show appreciation to their mothers. Consequently, the first gathering of the female CYA Working Youth Faith Community members took the form of a workshop.

Several friendly members also attended the event, making it lively and enjoyable. Many members had their first experience with flower arrangement, and everyone was fully engaged, creating unique and personal floral arrangements.

The event was organized by the members and received positive feedback, allowing each member to showcase their talents. It encouraged members to actively utilize their skills as tools for evangelization in the future.


青枝 Gathering (8-9/2021)

The first gathering of the year for the youth faith small group (青枝) focused on planning for the coming year. Led by the group leaders, we discussed and received suggestions from everyone regarding the theme of next year's evangelization activities, which will revolve around personal growth and family-related topics.

During our regular gatherings, we engage in various activities such as getting to know one another, sharing from the Bible, understanding the goals and objectives of the youth faith small group, and discussing the annual activities. We also have EBS (Evangelization Bible Study) sessions, led by experienced members of CYA. After these sessions, the group members expressed that they found the Bible study to be very beneficial and insightful.

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