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About CYA

Kindle the loving fire for youth,

Devote their lives for Jesus

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you; for everyone who asks will receive; whoever seeks, will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. Or, Is there any man among you who, when his son asks for bread, gives him a stone? Or asks for a fish, and gives him a snake instead” (Matthew 7:7-10).

Christ Youth Action (CYA) is an association of Catholic believers in the Catholic Diocese and a non-profit charitable organization. It was established by a group of lay believers. Bishop Xia Zhicheng is one of our pastors. The vision of the group is to enable more young people to encounter Christ in their lives, ignite the fire of love, respond to the call of Christ with actions, and actively participate in the mission of evangelization. ​

We need your support to cultivate young people on the path of holiness. In addition to joining as volunteer youth walkers, you can also donate to support our actions.

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Christ Youth Action CYA

CYA Christ Youth Action

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Latest Events

"Be a Better Half"

After discussing the Old Testament, the "Chairman" is now talking about the Bible! This time, let's explore the New Testament and ethical issues.

You might have heard of the New Testament before. But what relevance or significance does what Jesus said have for me? 🤔 Additionally, what exactly is ethics? And is the ethical teaching of Catholicism outdated?

Exodus 40 - Moses

You always hear about Moses parting the Red Sea, but do you know that he did many other things too? 🤣

Lent is an important season for Catholics, so we would like to invite you, aged 22 to 30, to get to know more and deepen your faith. 😬🥰



Christ Youth Action (CYA) is a Catholic youth organization dedicated to igniting the flame of love in young people and engaging in the mission of evangelization. We strive to walk with Christ and devote ourselves to His service. You can find us on various platforms:

🌇 Facebook: Christ Youth Action
▶️ Youtube: CYA Christ Youth Action

For event registration, service appointments, and other platforms, please visit the following link:

We need your support in nurturing young people on the path to holiness 

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