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About "Christian Youth Action CYA"

Kindle the loving fire for youth,

Devote their lives for Jesus

Christ Youth Action (CYA) is a Catholic lay association and nonprofit charitable organization within the diocese. It was founded by a group of lay faithful, with the Most Reverend Joseph Ha Chi-shing as one of our spiritual advisors. Our group's vision is to help more young people encounter Christ in their lives, ignite the fire of love within them, and respond to Christ's call through action. We are actively involved in the mission of evangelization.


Group background

Christ Youth Action (CYA) was established in 1967 as a Catholic faith-based organization affiliated with the Rosary Church.

Members of CYA regularly come together to pray, study scripture, serve others, evangelize, and engage in group activities. Through these activities, we strive to center our lives around Christ and grow in faith and character. In the past decade, to cater to the diverse life stages of our members, CYA established the Couple's Group, providing a suitable platform for married members to support one another. Additionally, the group focuses on nurturing the character of members' children, allowing them to grow in a healthy spiritual environment from a young age.

As times have changed and the needs of young people in pastoral care have evolved, in December 2015, CYA established a non-profit organization called Christ Youth Action Limited (CYA NGO). This expansion has allowed CYA activities to extend beyond the Rosary Church parish to include church schools, tertiary institutions, other parishes, and even cross-border initiatives. The name of the CYA affiliated organization within the parish, previously known as Catholic Young Adult in Action (CYAA), has been changed to Christ Youth Action (CYA) Faith-Based Group.

In recent years, facing the challenges of the recurring COVID-19 pandemic in Hong Kong and the tense social and global situations, CYA has organized various physical and online spiritual retreats, faith formation groups, gatherings for secondary school, tertiary education, and young working adults, reaching over two thousand individuals. Even when church Masses were suspended, CYA never ceased to establish small faith-sharing groups for young adults.

It is our hope that those whom we encounter through CYA NGO's evangelization efforts will be able to grow within the oasis of faith provided by the various CYA faith-based groups, and then serve God on a broader scale within the NGO, utilizing their individual gifts and talents.

​Our mission


To nurture young people to grow in Christ and become disciples of Jesus.


  1. Help young people learn to live out Christian values and deepen their relationship with the Lord through the study of the Bible and involvement in the church.

  2. Seek and develop individual gifts and respond to God's calling.

  3. Learn to love one another and build each other up through community life.

  4. Fulfill the mission of spreading the Gospel.

To sanctify oneself, sanctify others, and transform the world. In addition to pursuing personal holiness, we also strive to imitate Christ and serve others.


Service target


Secondary School Students

camp 2.jpg

College Students


​Working Youth

聖安德肋堂 10月.jpg

​ Parish Youth


Star Spiritual Director Group


The Most Reverend Joseph Ha Chi-shing


Rev. John B. Tsang


Archbishop Gambleville


Brother William Ng


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