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Working Youth Formation Ministry

The faith community plays an indispensable role in the spiritual lives of the faithful. Many young working adults, after entering the workforce, find themselves busy with work and may have a more relaxed approach to their spiritual life. Some may even become lax in attending Sunday Mass, which unfortunately leads to the loss of many young working adults from the Church. CYA is fervently committed to promoting the development of faith small groups for young adults. We aim to create an environment where young people can share and journey together in their faith, collectively growing in spirituality and faith.



Activity review

CYA Faith Small Groups 2022 Young Working Adults' Evangelization Sharing Gatherings

(1/2022 - 7/2022)

Every year in the first half of the year, CYA organizes a series of evangelization sharing gatherings specifically for young working adults, with different themes each year.

The theme for the 2022 Young Working Adults' Evangelization Sharing Gatherings was "Be a Better Me," focusing on personal growth. These gatherings were held once a month, totaling six sessions. They explored various practical topics relevant to young working adults' lives, such as self-awareness, life's meaning, financial management, career planning, family relationships, and emotions. The sessions were led by different Catholic speakers with expertise in these areas.

Through interactive games, activities, speaker sharing, and group discussions, young working adults discovered their faith through relatable topics. This led them to actively participate in CYA events and gatherings.

The gatherings were conducted in small groups, with CYA members serving as group leaders, facilitating group discussions and providing individual follow-up support to group members.

Over 60 people participated in the activities, including some non-believers and seekers. This helped increase their understanding of faith small groups. Due to the severity of the pandemic, the gatherings from January to March were held online, while the ones from April to July were fortunate enough to be conducted in person.

Through the six sharing sessions, many young working adults were able to openly share the challenges they faced, and group members journeyed together and exchanged experiences. Everyone was grateful for the opportunity to participate in these gatherings. Some members even joined CYA's young working adults' small group, continuing to deepen their faith within the community.

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Shine Program Series

Young adults entering the workforce often face numerous challenges, particularly in their work and relationships. These challenges require nurturing of their faith, allowing them to grow rooted in God's love. In the past, CYA has organized various evangelization gatherings for young working adults, including the Shine Program series, which consists of WorkShine for professional development in the workplace and LoveShine for cultivating healthy relationships. These gatherings provide a relaxed and interactive environment where young working adults can receive appropriate guidance and engage in meaningful discussions related to their work and relationships.

Although young working adults are gradually transitioning into adulthood, they still require sufficient support and guidance in their lives and spirituality. CYA's evangelization gatherings for young working adults welcome those who may not have a faith background or who come from different faith traditions. By participating in these gatherings, individuals can freely share and exchange experiences, benefit from the sharing and journeying within a faith community, and even foster an interest in the Catholic faith among non-believing young adults, thereby promoting youth evangelization.

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