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Shine Programme

Multimedia Evangelization

Shine Movie - Microfilm for Evangelization

Objective and Introduction

In today's society, young people often encounter situations that challenge their faith as they enter the workforce. Faced with struggles and difficult choices, how can they make the right decisions? Recognizing this, the Catholic Youth Action (CYA) self-funded the production of Shine Movie, a series of evangelistic short films. Through eight episodes, it explores topics relevant to young people's lives in a lighthearted and engaging way, combining elements of life and faith. These topics include interpersonal relationships, work values, dating values, parent-child relationships, and more. The aim is to integrate the spirit of God's love into the daily lives of young people.

The Shine Movie is suitable for:

  1. Evangelization gatherings (evangelization group preaching gatherings)

  2. Pre-evangelization stage (pre-evangelization class in the evangelization group)

  3. Small group gatherings (sharing in other charitable organizations)

Religious Education in Secondary Schools

Shine Movie is suitable for religious education gatherings in secondary schools. Through the use of short films accompanied by games, activities, sharing sessions, music sharing, etc, we hope to instill positive values in both religious and non-religious students, enhancing their understanding and interest in faith.

Additionally, the film can also be utilized by faith-based groups within the school for sharing sessions or in conjunction with other purposes such as Alpha ACTS and catechism classes.

Formation for post-Confirmation youth in parishes

We understand the concern about the significant loss of youth in parishes due to a lack of continuous faith formation or community engagement. It is indeed important to continually provide appropriate formation for the young people who have received the sacrament of Confirmation.

The Shine Movie is indeed suitable for organizing youth gatherings. Through the film, along with interactive activities and group sharing, it can create a lively and engaging atmosphere that allows young people to share their own experiences, deepen their relationships with one another, and actively participate in the community and parish. This can be a great opportunity to foster their faith and encourage them to be active members of the Church.

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