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College Formation Ministry

During college years, it is a crucial time for the transformation and deepening of faith. College students possess the enthusiasm, energy, time, creativity, and critical thinking abilities of youth. They are simply waiting for an opportunity to encounter the Lord. It is our mission and responsibility to provide them with those opportunities.

CYA aims to accompany them through formation gatherings, social activities, and small groups called "Cell Groups." Together, we will rediscover the truth, goodness, and beauty of faith, establish a strong relationship with God, experience the reality of His presence in their lives, and bear witness to Him!


Accompanying college students in faith small groups to develop their faith


Through regular bi-monthly gatherings and occasional activities, we aim to bring together college students (including non-believers) to foster mutual understanding and connections. We also aim to deepen their faith through games, formation, prayer, and small group sharing.

Activity review

"When the Love Is You" College Summer Camp (7/2022)

During the summer break, we held a two-day, one-night college camp at the Salesian Retreat House in Cheung Chau. Through teachings on the "Parable of the Prodigal Son," worship and praise, drama performances, short films, Taizé prayer, nature meditation, letters to the Heavenly Father, reconciliation and sacraments, and Mass, we allowed college students to experience the unconditional love of the Heavenly Father, which does not need to be earned. They also rediscovered their noble identity as children of God and responded to God's call by loving others.

We were fortunate to have Father Yip Po-lam join us for the activities on the first day, while Father Lee Kwan-ho, who is stationed at the retreat house, assisted in hearing confessions and presided over Sunday Mass.

We are grateful that the participants were very satisfied with the arrangements of the camp, and more importantly, they experienced spiritual growth and strengthened their connections with one another. We thank the Heavenly Father for His guidance and protection throughout the camp.

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College - Canoeing ·  Yim Tin Tze Fun Day (8/2021)

This event was an outdoor recreational activity for college students, specifically a canoeing trip from Sha Ha in Sai Kung to Yim Tin Tze.

On the day of the event, there were instructors to assist and guide participants. They were first be taught some basic techniques before setting off. Each person paddled their canoe from Sha Ha to Yim Tin Tze, which took approximately one hour.

Midway through the journey, there was a lunch break and some rest at Yim Tin Tze. Local staff provided explanations about the background of Yim Tin Tze and led participants to visit the salt fields and more.

Afterwards, participants paddled back to Sha Ha, successfully concluding the trip. We are truly grateful that this event could be held smoothly, allowing college students to come together and bond through this experience.

College Monthly Gathering (8/2022)

The college monthly gathering in August 2022 invited a college student to share about "the issue of abortion" and to discuss when life begins. What exactly is abortion? Is it a matter of human rights? What is the Roe v. Wade case?

As Catholics, how should we approach the topic of abortion? The student shared their own experience interning at a hospital. During the small group discussions, controversial issues were brought up, and participants expressed their opinions on the matter.

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