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Service Target

Working Youth

Although young working adults are gradually entering adulthood, they still require sufficient nurturing, support, and companionship in their lives and spirituality. The Christ Youth Action (CYA) welcomes young working adults with different faith backgrounds or even no faith to participate in our evangelization gatherings. Through these gatherings, participants can freely share and exchange their experiences, learn from the sharing and companionship within a faith community, and increase the interest of non-Catholic young working adults in the Catholic faith, thus promoting youth evangelization.

Faith communities are an essential part of the spiritual life of believers. Many young working adults, upon entering the workforce, find themselves busier with work, resulting in a more lukewarm spiritual life and even less participation in Sunday Mass. As a result, the Church has lost many young working adults, which is truly regrettable. CYA is eager to promote the development of youth faith small groups, where young people can share and journey together in faith communities, fostering growth in faith and spirituality.

Related ministries include:

  • Evangelization gatherings for young working adults

  • Nurturing gatherings for young working adults

  • Youth faith small groups for young working adults (青枝), meeting twice a month.

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