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Service Target

​College Students

In primary school, teenagers have faith formation in Sunday school; in secondary school, if they study in Catholic schools, they have the opportunity to join a faith community. But when it comes to post-secondary or working years, young people rarely have the opportunity to be invited to join small faith groups that are their age.


Affected by the secular and wrong values of the media, their beliefs are bound to be greatly challenged. If they "struggle alone" on the road of faith, there is no group, friends of the same faith to support each other, and if they do not receive the faith cultivation that responds to their needs, their faith health can be imagined. Many young people have lost their faith, become indifferent, and no longer go to the church; what's more, they may be influenced by bad values and start to oppose their own beliefs. What a pity! The precious beliefs I have been exposed to since childhood are gone in vain.


College period is a critical time to transform and deepen their faith. They have the enthusiasm, energy, time, creativity, and thinking ability of youth... They are just waiting for the opportunity to meet God, and we have the mission and responsibility to create this opportunity for them.


CYA hopes to accompany them with formation gatherings, fellowship activities and small groups that are suitable for them: Cell Group, to rediscover the truth, goodness and beauty of faith, to establish a solid relationship with God, to experience the reality of God's presence in their lives, and to serve Him Testify!


​    Related ministries:

  • Joint college monthly meeting (Cell Meeting)

  • Supporting Catholic Student Associations of Individual Tertiary Institutions

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