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Service Target

Secondary School Students

Most parish Sunday schools focus on nurturing young people until they receive the Sacrament of Confirmation, but there is often a lack of post-Confirmation nurturing for youth. When young people enter secondary school, university, or the workforce, they may not find suitable faith-based small groups, leading to their gradual disconnection from the Church. The reasons for this include busy academic or work schedules, inability to find suitable groups within the Church, and a lack of appreciation for the importance of faith, resulting in a significant loss of post-Confirmation youth from the Church.

To address this issue, CYA is dedicated to promoting pastoral work in secondary schools and assisting the Catholic Student Association (Katso) in organizing gatherings. We hope that these post-Confirmation youth in school can experience small group dynamics. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, CYA has been conducting online activities to maintain in-school services and hold events with several Catholic Student Associations in various secondary schools. The integration of online and offline activities such as Alpha (Catholic version) and Shine movie gatherings complements each other and enhances the connection among young people. Moreover, through activities like evangelistic music concerts, we aim to reach out to more non-Catholic students, ensuring that the mission of evangelization both within and outside the Catholic community remains uninterrupted.

Related ministries include:

  • Evangelistic music concerts (for students from different forms) / one-time event

  • Religious Education Week (for students from different forms) / one-time event

  • Catholic Student Society member nurturing gatherings / multiple sessions

  • Catholic Student Society leader nurturing gatherings / multiple sessions

  • Other Learning Experiences (OLE) activities / one-time event

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